Are you overwhelmed with all that goes into promoting your business online?


You know your business should have a presence on Facebook, and you’ve heard Instagram is phenomenal for business, but you’re not even sure how a hashtag works…

You know you should have an email list,(the money is in the list!) But what would you even put in those emails? And wouldn’t it bug your list if you emailed them MORE?

And then there’s the opt-in you should have running on your website in order to “build your list in your sleep.” Wait, what’s an opt-in?

Yes, there are lots of “shoulds” running through your mind right now.

So many that you find yourself trying a new tool each week, drafting blogs that you never publish, and storing all of your posting ideas in your head-that you soon forget.  

And where does this leave you?



Let’s get you un-stuck!

Let’s take a look at everything you’re doing to promote your business online.  What IS working, and what isn’t? Where are the missing links? 

Don't waste one more second trying to do #allthethings without knowing which ones are working!

You need an expert, someone to take a look at all you’ve accomplished so far, and give you a shortcut to the next level. (So you can focus on what you REALLY want to do-and I’m sure it’s not spending all day setting up Google Apps or fumbling through Mailchimp.)
Someone to bust through those online road blocks that shouldn’t. Be. This. Hard!

That's me!  I’m Stacey, a content strategist and marketing consultant with a background in public relations and a love for all things social media!  I truly enjoy being that extra set of eyes, taking an overall look at what you’re already doing online, and seeing how we can save you TIME and make you more MONEY!

It’s time to get crystal clear on where you need to be spending your marketing time-and budget. Let’s dig in and put some processes in place with a plug and play, repeatable online content plan that doesn’t make you want to throw your laptop out the window.

You can do this. You just need a plan!

What to expect:

*Three face-to-face consulting calls (via Skype or Google Video Chat)
*Complete audit and written report of your current social media presence, website and blog-with recommendations tailored to your business and market
*A Plug and Play Monthly content planning system for you to implement or hand off to your team.  This is a customized and built-out Trello board that is pre-populated with text for social media posts, quick links to pages you use the most, and more

*Email support throughout the 6-week program

I’ve had my business for 28 years and I’ve seen lots of changes throughout those years in marketing strategy. Social Media is clearly the marketing choice for today and the future. But…. it’s not always easy to make the changes necessary to keep up with the times. I have been somewhat reluctant to embrace Social Media for all the “typical reasons” . You know: not enough time, not enough knowledge, why change what’s working? And then I fortunately learned about your services and invited you in to guide me through the Social Media maze. I have to admit, I was hesitant. I’ve been to several seminars, met with other consultants and although I enjoyed the experience I never felt that “I got it” and was ready to commit (as I know I should)! What a difference you have made! Your enthusiasm, organization and professionalism is SO contagious. I’m happy to say finally, finally, I got it! Thank you for being the tipping point I’ve needed for years! I’m looking forward to continuing this much needed learning experience. Thanks again for all! You’re the best!!!

Jan Jacome

Jan Jacome
President, Crossroads Consulting

Stacey Nachajski and Great Brook Media have been instrumental in building our business and increasing our sales. Stacey helped us revamp our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as revamp our website content so that we were able to increase our email list. With the new clients that we were able to add through Great Brook Media we doubled our sales in the first few weeks of launching the website. Stacey was incredibly helpful for helping us find our client base and connect with potential new clients that were interested in our products!

Sasha Alsop

Sasha Alsop
Owner, Salty Dog Farm

Stacey is awesome. Working together is fun and productive, and she keeps me in the groove. Not only would it take me longer to do this social media marketing stuff on my own — I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of it I just wouldn’t do at all! She provides accountability, expertise, and encouragement which helps me to stick with it. And in this day and age, you just can’t get the word out without social media.

Nancy Salwen

Nancy Salwen
Owner, Fear of Singing