How to batch your days

How to Batch Your Days to Boost Productivity

The list of marketing tasks that you “should” be completing each and every week can be daunting. Even for me, a certifiable marketing junkie (I love this stuff!)  And, when you don’t have a set plan for your content (what you’re posting, on what platforms and when) then it can seem like you’re always behind the eight ball, and running in a million different directions. It’s time to boost your productivity!

One way to make it all more manageable is to chunk out blocks of time that are exclusively for a particular project each week (marketing or not.)  Another name for this is batching-and it can save you a ton of time since you’re not jumping from task to task like a crazy person.

To determine what your blocks or batches will be, take a few minutes to brainstorm all the things you do each week.

Mine would look like this:
Free 30-minute Breakthrough Calls

Meeting with clients

Teaching Workshops
Crafting Emails to my list
Posting to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
Creating graphics for social media sites and my blog

From here, you can choose to block out specific times in your week that you’ll work on these things. I’ve started applying this concept to everything I do-and it’s made a world of difference!  

For example, my ideal week goes like this:

Monday: Plan and prep for the week (Grab my Brainstorm Worksheet to plan your content!)
Social Content Creation- Post to my social networks ahead for the week and create necessary graphics from templates (see how to create templates and duplicate images with Canva here.)
Tuesday: Great Brook Media Blog Posts, Breakthrough Calls and Client Sessions
Wednesday: Client Sessions and Emails to my list
Thursday: Client Sessions Only
Friday: Financial tasks for my business, creating and updating systems, catching up to end the week

This takes time to perfect, but it helps you to manage things a bit more smoothly.  And, you know what you need to be working on each day.  I know some businesses lend themselves to this framework better than others-but there is always some level of batching that you can implement to save your sanity!  

BONUS: Other questions to ask yourself to boost productivity:
Where can I automate?
Use an online calendar like Calendly and let your clients schedule their own meetings
Create email templates for email responses you seem to write over and over
Create online questionnaires for things you routinely ask prospective clients
Can someone else do this for me?
Can you hire someone to help out with graphic creation, filing, bookkeeping etc?
What do I like to do, and what stresses me out?
Again, make a list and start thinking of how you can do less of that thing-either by handing it off, or figuring out systems that make it a more efficient process.
If this is overwhelming to you, perhaps you need some outside perspective.  Schedule a free 30-minute breakthrough call with me, and we’ll take a look at your systems for creating content and see what we can tighten up for you!  

Do you batch your days?  Does it save you time? Tell me in the comments! 

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