The Easiest Way to Create Content for your Blog

So you have a blog for your business (if you don’t, here’s why you might want to!)  Have you updated it lately?  Confession time-I haven’t posted in over a month.  Oops.  I’ve been busy building my business, teaching workshops, blogging for clients and creating Facebook ads.  I’m just like you, I get caught up in the actual running of my business!  But, it’s time to get into the groove of posting regularly again to provide my audience (you) with value. So, here’s a trick for coming up with ideas for posts-answer your most frequently asked questions!  

Here’s your plan…Make a list of the questions you get all the time from clients and prospective clients.  Then answer them in blog post form.  That’s it! It’s such an easy way to generate content, that it gets overlooked.  Bonus: if you already have a list of FAQs on your web site-then it’s already DONE!  

Once you’ve created this list of ten questions answer one question per week on your blog and you have ten weeks of content!  Add your personality to these posts and be genuine. Once posted, send an email out to your subscribers letting them know that it’s up.  Lastly, share that blog post out to your social media platforms.  (Don’t be afraid to share it more than once for maximum impact) 

To make this an easy-and pretty process-download and print my Easy Content Creation Worksheet and start brainstorming! And, when you’ve filled it up, print another so you can add more questions as you move through the next week, month and year.

Keep it simple, guys.  People have questions about your business.  Answer them in depth and they will come back for more!  


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