Grow Your Social Media Accounts with Real Life Interactions

One of the things I aim to do when working with my one on one clients is to infuse their online presence with the feel of their brick and mortar location (if they have one.)  You want it to feel the same when you’re on their Facebook page, as it does when you’re there in person.  We do this with consistent branding, graphics, images and copy (paying attention to brand voice.)  It’s also important to bridge the gap with “real life” interactions.  Here are 4 ways that you can connect the dots between your online presence and your in-store location.

1. Talk about your social accounts 

You have conversations with clients and prospective clients every day.  Try not to sound too rehearsed, but throw out the question “are you on Facebook?” (or Instagram or whichever platform you like) and see what happens. You’ll likely have a chance to mention that you regularly post new arrivals and last minute deals exclusively for your followers and they may be enticed to follow you.  Again, try not to sound too pushy with it, but be enthusiastic and weave it into the conversation when you can. 

2.  Post branded signs around your brick and mortar location

A simple sign that you’ve created to fit your brand can go a long way.  Put it in a fancy frame and place in plain view to let people know you’re active on social media.  Hint: Writing out your handle ( for example) is especially helpful if there is no opportunity for a clickable link.

3.  Include social icons on printed collateral

Adding your social media icons in a non-intrusive way on your printed flyers, business cards and more is another way to invite people to connect.  The various social logos are available in neutral colors and can look quite fashionable on printed pieces.  

Did I miss anything? Let me know if there are other ways you’re inviting people to connect in “real life!”

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