How to be a good follower

How to Be a Good Follower

Algorithms rule when it comes to Facebook and Instagram. It didn’t use to be that way, but things evolve and it has become the reality. Now, you could get mad about it and stomp your feet and say, “I’m not gonna participate!” or you could embrace it and do what you gotta do to stay visible! 

The best way to look at this, in my opinion, is to flip it on its head and be a proactive FOLLOWER.  If you want to build an audience of targeted followers who know, like and trust you, then YOU have to be a good follower as well. 

To help curate the feed you want to see and to help out fellow business owners and show goodwill, here are some suggestions:

  1. Engage! Like and/or comment on posts you find valuable or entertaining.  Comments are so low on some accounts that you WILL stand out, and they will appreciate you taking the time to do so.  Due to the algorithms, this will also help their post to be seen by more eyeballs!
  2. Tag your friends in the comments in order to help the accounts stay visible and get discovered.
  3. Leave a review on Facebook for businesses that you’ve had great experiences with. In fact, leave reviews wherever you can! On Amazon, Houzz, Google, you name it.
  4. Share content! If you come across a great event that you’re interested in, share it. Or a great article, fun video, etc.  Spread the love!
  5. Answer questions that people are asking in their post. It’s super awkward when you try to get people talking and all you get in return is crickets…help a fellow business owner out!

Here’s a challenge-go leave a review on someone’s Facebook page that you’ve worked with recently. Then, come back here and tell me in the comments that you’ve done it.  Pay it forward!



  • ahsan habib

    I found that whenever we share Instagram Stories that we see a massive drop in followers. In fact since not using Instagram Stories our numbers of increased dramatically .Just an observation

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