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How to Embrace Social Media (When You Don’t Want To)

Not everybody loves social media. I myself have a love/hate relationship with it – and I teach it for a living! But, when it comes to running a business in this day and age, it’s a (really) good idea to have a social media presence in some capacity. With constant changes on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the others, it can feel overwhelming at best and like completely wasted time at worst!

However, it doesn’t have to be a gloom and doom, “it’s just something I have to trudge through” situation. It can be fun, fruitful, and even inspiring if you let it! In today’s post, I’m going to walk you through my best tips to help you embrace the opportunities of social media!

Switch Your Mindset

Let’s try looking at social media as a GET TO, not a HAVE TO. You don’t actually HAVE TO be on social media for your business. You could choose to forgo it, but you’d be missing out on connections and new relationships with your ideal customers who are looking for you online!

You GET TO share your knowledge with the world via these platforms. Stop feeling like you “HAVE TO” login and post something (anything!) Reframe the whole idea of posting on social media so that you realize that you have an amazing opportunity to connect in a way that wasn’t possible just a decade ago!

When you embrace social media and switch that mindset, you’ll understand that you GET TO choose your platforms and what works for you. You GET TO share who you are, what you believe in, and why you do what you do. You GET TO help people every day with all that knowledge that is stored up in your head, and it just might lead to more business!

Curate your personal and business feeds

Is one of the reasons you aren’t sold on social media because of what other people post there on the personal side? Do you hate the political posts, the whiny “vague-booking” and the duck selfies? I get it, I don’t love that part either…But, you don’t have to allow that into your life!

You can curate what you see in your personal and business feeds. It is ok to hide people’s statuses, to unfollow pages that don’t provide any kind of value to your life, and it’s okay to unfriend someone (no they won’t get a notification.) When you are working to enhance your business or personal development there is no place for negativity.

Take a good look at both your personal and business feeds and review what you follow and interact with. Only follow sources of positivity and value to you and your business and soon social media won’t feel like such a negative place!

Be a source of value and positivity

Now that you know you want to follow only sources of positivity and value, you have to remember to BE a source of those as well! From the moment you enter the world of social media you are visible. What you share has an impact on others, good or “meh.” Don’t share negative thoughts and opinions, as that doesn’t serve anyone. Keep your posts, feed and information as positive as possible. And remember that things you comment on and share are visible too and reflect on your business as well.

While positivity is key, so is the actual content. Are you sharing posts that are helpful to your followers?

Social media operates on a basis of engagement – if your content is receiving likes, comments and shares, Facebook’s algorithm deems it “engaging” and will show it to more people. Spark a conversation and be ready to respond to every comment!

Be a good follower

While we’re talking about creating conversations, let’s dive into how you can be a good follower. This is social media we’re talking about, so if you want to embrace social media it’s a good idea to be social on the platforms. Being a good follower just means that you support other businesses and join in their conversations as well.

Comment on posts by your colleagues and local businesses. By interacting with them you are letting them know you are there and care about their success. Do them a solid and answer their open ended questions, as they are looking for engagement too, and want to get the conversations going on their pages.

Encourage other entrepreneurs when they go live, as this can be one of the scariest things to do if they never have before (or even if they have). Going live can amount to large strides for your business, so encouragement from others reminds you that you are connecting with real people.

Lastly, leave reviews! Facebook and Google are the first places people look if they want to check out a local business. Help the good guys stand out by highlighting the great service you received and they might even return the favor!

Let go of what doesn’t feel good or isn’t working

You don’t have to be on all platforms and there is nothing wrong with accepting that something isn’t working for you. Simply focus on the social media platforms that seem to click for you and your business, and be willing to let go of the others. By trying to be everywhere, you may be watering down your message.

I must add that it’s not a good idea to build your business entirely on a social media platform. These sites are not owned by you, and their terms could change at any moment. While they’re a fabulous tool for building community, your end goal should always be to get your followers OFF of social media and onto a platform that you own – like your email list or website. This is ensuring that if one of these platforms goes away, you can still contact your most loyal fans.  

So, focusing on one or two platforms, and using them to build your email list or get people on the phone with you is the way to go!

Learn the platforms

The best way to embrace social media is to learn the ins and outs of the platforms. Half the stress caused by managing social media for your business is not knowing if you are doing it right! Investing some time in understanding the differences and similarities between the platforms, how they work and how best to use them efficiently can alleviate the “I’m not sure what to do” stress of it all!

Once you’ve taken the time to understand the inner workings of the different sites, you can make an educated decision about which ones are worth your time and which ones are not.

If you’re ready to commit to learning social media platforms for your business, I have something for you! I’m building a membership program to be your support system as you tackle promoting your business online. My goal is to be your cheerleader, to provide regular updated educational trainings and support for you. You can do this! You just need a buddy. Join us!

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