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How To Promote Your Event on Facebook

Promoting an in-person event using Facebook Events can be an excellent way to let people know that you have something going on. People can check your page to see what you have happening, and they can see your Facebook Events listed one after the other on your Facebook Page.  They can then click into the event and learn more, RSVP Going or Interested, click through a URL to purchase tickets, and be alerted as updates are posted to your event.  

Here’s an easy blueprint to follow for Facebook event promotion that will help you fill your next event!

Create an Event Page and Invite Guests

Once you create an event and start to invite people, it will show up in their newsfeed and let their friends know they are “Interested” or “Going.” Make sure you allow guests to invite people so that they can invite anyone that they think may be interested in attending. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to invite others to the group and share the event on their pages as well!
Keep the Event Page Active
In order to make sure people stay excited about your event, make sure you keep the event page active by posting in it regularly. Of course, you don’t want to annoy people with too many notifications, so make sure to only post in the page every other day! You can share more information about the event and get people excited and engaged for weeks leading up to the big day.


Be sure to include ticket information on your event page. You want to make it as easy as possible for anyone interested in your event to attend. So, post ticket prices, links or any other information that can help someone commit to being there!

Promote on Your Page

Facebook cover photos are prime real estate for promotion on Facebook, and they are often overlooked by people who have something to share. Include a blurb about your event on your cover photo, then include the link to the event in the description for the cover.

Make sure to also post status updates on your page leading up to the event. You don’t want to overwhelm people with too much information about your event, so consider scheduling these posts only twice per week on your page.

Run a Facebook Ad

You can create a Facebook ad specifically set up to get people to attend your event. Facebook will allow you to promote your event to a specific audience that you think will be most interested in attending. Using Facebook ads is a great way to get your event page in front of more people and increase the attendance at your event!

Use Your Email List

In addition to promoting your event on Facebook, make sure to send details to your email list. You can send them information in the email, but also direct them to your Facebook event page. The more people that are active in your page, the better, as others will begin to notice the event showing up in their Facebook newsfeeds.

Use the Tag Option

You can tag any related businesses or sponsors that may be interested in learning more about your event. (Simply type the @ sign, then type in the name of the page you’re tagging-this will give you the option to select it from a dropdown menu.) So think about what types of businesses might be interested in collaboration and then tag them in the event page! This is a wonderful way to get your event details in front of a larger audience.

In-Person Discussion and Regular Emails

Even though social media may be your main platform for promotion, don’t forget the old fashioned power of in-person discussion! Talk about your event when you see colleagues in person, or at check out. Also consider sending personalized emails to those you think may be interested.

Bonus Tip for Other Platforms: Create an Event Hashtag

Create a unique hashtag for your event and encourage others to use it when talking about or sharing photos of the event. This can be used for pre, during and post event promotion!  You may not get too much interest from a hashtag on Facebook, but on Instagram and Twitter hashtags are a fantastic way to reach more people!  


Use these simple steps to promote any event on Facebook and watch your guest list grow!


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