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My Best Tips for Using Instagram for Local Businesses

Instagram isn’t just for posting photos of your latte or what you had for lunch, it can be a powerful tool to build community around your local business! Here are some of my best tips to help you maximize your small-business Instagram account’s effectiveness, and have fun doing it. *If you’re just getting started, you may want to grab my free download – 5 Steps to 500 Followers! 

All Business All the Time

By switching your account to a Business profile, you’ll be able to not only run ads and promote your posts, but also have access to analytics once you have more than 100 followers. Click on your settings (the gear icon on your profile page of the app) to switch to a Business Profile.

Pro Tip: With a Business profile, you also have the option to include your office or storefront address, along with a clickable map, in your bio.

Craft An Enticing Bio

Have fun with 150 characters or less – how much of your business’ personality can you infuse into a short statement? Add emojis and get a little silly if that works for the work you do. A recent update allows you to incorporate clickable, branded hashtags and tag sister accounts as well! (If you want to learn more about hashtags read this!) 

Pro Tip: Use LinkTree (a free app!) to easily link to multiple destinations in your bio!

Invite Us Behind The Curtain

New features like Live, Stories, and Highlights can be great tools to give a glimpse of your company’s culture. Get creative! Introduce employees and share processes, events, milestones, and even promotions in this space…tell stories and be social. People connect with people, not products.

Pro Tip: Encourage engagement and grab attention by sharing current offers in your Story.  This works well here because the images disappear from your story after 24 hours.

Location, Location, Location

Select the option to share your location every time you post (if you have a brick and mortar business). By linking your business to a location, you’ll turn up in local searches more often.

Pro Tip: If you want to become a true Insta ninja, research local hashtags used by other local businesses. Like and comment on the posts that use those hashtags for added exposure.

With a little practice, you’ll be Instagramming like a pro, and building your fan base in the process. Have fun, let your brand’s personality shine through, and remember that it is ok to Instagram a latte now and then too.


~ Remember to grab your 5 Steps to 500 Followers free download! 

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