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Save Time with Templates and Workflows

Templates are your new best friend. They’re an excellent time saver and you can create them in every area of your business.

Think of creating a template as measuring twice to cut once. You spend time upfront, develop a template that meets your needs and expectations, and then once it’s right, you can use it as often as you like by just changing one or two components.  

Below, we’ll outline three different areas where you can apply templates so that you’re not recreating the wheel every day, plus some tools that’ll help you do it!

Please note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. These affiliate relationships allow me to continue to offer free content on my blog, and other platforms. I share and recommend these tools because I use them every day and know they will be helpful in promoting your business online. Thank you for your support!

Social Media

You can use templates in your social media efforts for content management, keeping to standardized image sizes and creating branded graphics.  There are many free online tools for creating beautiful social media and blog graphics, but Canva is my favorite! You can watch a video about how to use Canva to quickly create beautiful social media graphics here

Email Marketing

Your weekly (or monthly) message is different, but your look and feel of your emails in your email service provider, and in your regular work emails should be the same.  

Regular email: Create a signature template within your email program.  Add your tagline, along with your contact information. Bonus: include a social media link or two, or direct people to your current offer with one sentence and a link.

Email Service Provider (I recommend either Constant Contact or Convertkit): Create or use an existing template within your program. Format it once and use it an infinite number of times to send out responses, invitations, sales information and more.  You can establish a uniform introductory paragraph or closing sentences and personalize the text in between every time you send an email. People will recognize the layout of your email and become familiar with the content that you deliver. 

Daily Business Workflows

Workflow templates or Systems of Operations are vital and can be utilized in many ways in your business, no matter how big or small of a project. Workflow templates are a great way to make new client or team member onboarding a breeze and systemize tasks that you do over and over again. They help to lay down clear expectations and keep you and your team organized!

You can create your workflow templates as Google Docs, or you can use a number of tools to create checklists and generate them each time you need to go through a process. Below are some tools that you can use for this:


It’s hard not to fall in love with 17hats for smooth project and workflow management. This application-an all-in-one dashboard for  tracking time, setting appointments, and keeping your contacts and leads organized-helps you stay on track with repeatable checklists and To Do’s all in one place.  

More template goodness: 17 Hats allows you to create templates for contracts, invoices, emails and workflows and will make life a LOT easier!


ASANA is a wonderful tool for efficiency in project management, and it provides an excellent base for creating workflows. It allows for the creation of team workspaces that eliminate the need for emails and enhance team collaboration.  You can use it to create an outline of exactly how a project should flow, create a master copy and use it as a template over and over again. It’s a huge timesaver!


Trello is another web tool that can be your productivity manager.  It’s free to use the basic package and only costs money if you upgrade.  If you’re a visual person, it helps you to keep track of your projects and allows you to create reusable workflows in an easy to follow, drag and drop format.

So, who wants to spend time re-inventing the wheel when you have all these tools at your disposal?(Not me!) Gain greater efficiency, make better use of your time and help to ensure success in your businesses using templates-so you can focus on the things that really matter!

Let me know in the comments if any of these ideas resonated with you, or if you have templates in place that have changed the way you do business!


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