Stop the Scroll with Professional Photos of Your Business

We live in an image filled world. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep we are bombarded with photos as we scroll through social media, watch the news, or read the paper.  Throughout the day, you yourself may be posting quick photos straight from your mobile phone of merchandise from your store, your kids making goofy faces or your adorable pup being, well, adorable.  The problem is that there is so much of that, that it’s hard to stand out as a business.  That is, unless you have professional photos.  Using a gorgeous headshot as your profile picture, drawing people to your website with beautiful shots of your storefront, these are all ways that your business can stand out.

I’ve asked photographer Siobhan Bogle of Maine Tinker Photography to let us in on the benefits of professional business photography from her perspective. 


Here’s what Siobhan had to say…


I’ve been capturing special moments in people’s lives with my camera professionally since 2009.  I enjoy creating images that reflect distinct personalities, whether it’s a couple on their wedding day, or a business owner standing proudly in front of their shop.  Recently, I’ve gotten more into shooting business photography and I love capturing what makes the business owner and their staff special.  There’s always a certain something, and I like to bring that out in people! 


Photo by Maine Tinker Photography by Siobhan Bogle

In my opinion, there are three big reasons why you should consider professional photography for your business.

1) To position you and your business as a current authority in your industry

Small, dark and low quality images are the quickest way for your business to appear outdated both online and in print.  Like it or not, people do “judge a book by its cover,” and you only get one first impression.  If you can stop the scroll and capture someone’s attention with a well lit, crisp image conveying your personality and what you do, you are one step closer to closing a sale.


Photo by Maine Tinker Photography by Siobhan Bogle

2) To tell your story as quickly as possible

A photograph is worth a 1,000 words, right?  And, the attention span of the average person today is something like 9 seconds. I like to focus on the details in order to tell your story in as little time as possible so people can make a decision to read more, click through to your website or stop in to your shop. 

3) To create consistency across your marketing efforts

When you have a cohesive look to your website, printed marketing materials and across social platforms, people will take notice.  Stacey will tell you the same thing, consistency is key!  Matching your profile image on Facebook to printed materials and then again on your website with the same look and feel will go a long way in proving your business’ consistency and also dependability.


I do have to add my two cents to the end here, simply because as a marketer, I LOVE when a client has professional photos.  It’s so much easier on my end to piece together a cohesive look on social media, and it really makes all the difference in revamping a business’ website! 

For example, Siobhan did my head shots, and I use the same one across all of my social media profiles, so people will recognize me no matter what platform they find me on! 


Photo by Maine Tinker Photography by Siobhan Bogle






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