what to do when you get stuck

What To Do When You Get Stuck – Online

Have you ever been happily rolling along in a great workflow then BAM! your technology goes on the fritz and your flow comes to a crashing halt? Or maybe you feel like there’s a better way to do something you do every day online – you can’t put your finger on it, but you also can’t move forward till you figure it out?

We all get stuck, but in the age of the internet, we have so much available to us to help us get out of a rut!

Today I wanted to take a few minutes to share my favorite ways to get unstuck and get back to being productive online! Let me know if you have any tips and tricks of your own for this in the comments.

Google It!

This is not a big secret, but it is often overlooked – Remember the beauty of the internet is that there are people out there creating content for you to discover via videos, blogs and so much more.

Google is your best friend. Have a question? Someone has probably asked it before! This works on social media image sizes, tech snafus, and if you’re feeling a lack of inspiration for a blog post.

Where it doesn’t work so well is when you get lost in the rabbit hole of the internet, and use it to procrastinate taking action. (Don’t do that!)

BONUS – If you want a shortcut when it comes to what digital tools to use – because frankly Google can keep you oscillating back and forth on this particular one due to positive and negative reviews galore – I have a list of the best programs (In my opinion!) that I use daily to market and run my business and that of my clients. Check out this list of my favorite online marketing tools to help you decide!

Write it out

If you are up at 3am, and your brain is spinning trying to figure out how to make things work, it may help to get it out of your head and put it on paper. Sometimes things make more sense visually than processing them over and over inside our own heads.

The challenge will still be there in the morning, but you’ll be able to look over what you wrote with fresh eyes – and you just might see the solution!

Ask Someone Who’s Been There

Take your challenge to someone who has had success with the thing you’re stuck on. A mentor you look up to, a professional in the business, or a membership group you can be a part of to learn and grow.

I have learned SO MUCH being a part of various Facebook groups over the years, and there is huge value in in-person networking groups as well. Look to those who have gone before you – I’m sure they’d love to save you from making the same mistakes they’ve made!

Hire Someone to Help

Going it alone is no fun. We all have our strengths, but it’s often best to stick to what we’re good at. For instance, when I first started out, I thought I would build my own Website. I spent about 6 months trying to sort out the back end of WordPress, and still had a terrible, barely functional website. It was beyond draining! It also held me back from moving forward, because I was embarrassed to share it.

So, I decided to have someone build my site for me, and I had a beautiful, completed website in two weeks! This freed up my time, reduced my stress, and allowed me to focus on serving my clients. You’re either spending time, or you’re spending money to get things done, and sometimes it’s best to spend the money and have it done, faster and often better! 

Bottom Line

Everybody gets stuck – I sure do! I have a network of Facebook groups, online membership programs I pay for, and other businesses I can turn to when I need help. We need to remember that we are not in this alone, and there are people and resources that can help by saving us time, and the battle bruises from going through these things on our own!

If you’re finding yourself stuck on marketing your business – or the business you work for – come hang out in my free, private Facebook group, The Content Groove. I’m here to help!

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